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Providing Your Clients ​with the Ultimate Bucket ​List Experiences - ​WORLDWIDE

Offer them more of what ​they love - YOU!

Treat them to an ​unforgettable experience ​in a dream location.

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The essentials of retreating

Your Bucket List Retreats venue is key to your retreat and often leaves your attendees changed forever.

We’ll start by recogizing the type of retreat you want to offer, we can help with that. Capturing your attendees heart from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave is our deepest intention to provide a truly transformational retreat.

Your business has a vision, we’ll build your retreat on that. Location, retreat center, excursions based around your offering.

We love ensuring your retreat is as flawless as it can be with lasting impacts your clients will remember for a lifetime.

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A sampling of outstanding Retreat Venues around the world with our stamp of approval.

Base your retreat on You and Your Clientele ... we’ll help you with that.







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Three basic plans to get you started

Our first 30 minute conversation is complimentary. Let’s talk about you, your clients and how a retreat would benefit your business, group or organization..

Retreat Consultant...

$50 per hour

This Plan fits the person with a current operating business with staff, insurance and legal forms in place.

  • 30 Minute Consultation
  • Weekly Calls
  • Done for you Budget
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Retreat Host*
  • Retreat Center Contact
  • Retreat Website
  • + Much More upon request

Do It Yourself ....


This Plan fits the person planning a group retreat for friends, family or congregation.

  • 30 Minute Consultation
  • Retreat Basics Handbook
  • Our Custom Budget
  • Retreat Center Contact

One and Done ...

$1,000 ++

This Plan fits an often busy professional who wants to add to their bottom line while offering their clients a remarkable event. Entire event planned for you, your staff and clients. You just show up and do what YOU DO!

  • Initial and weekly Consultations++
  • Done for you Budget
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Legal Forms
  • Retreat Insurance
  • Payments to/from Client/Vendors
  • Custom Budget
  • Retreat Host
  • Retreat Center Contact
  • Much More as Required
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So Many Ways to Retreat

Meditation / Breath work | Leadership and Entrepreneurship | Personal Development & Self-Love.

Women’s Retreats | Corporate Retreats | Ayurveda and Yoga |Spirituality and Religion | Dance and Movement

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